ELGIN's very first product (named because my husband said that when I was making it, I looked like a witch stirring her cauldron of witches brew!) This delectable super skin hydrating cream is made from the highest quality, un-refined 100% pure Cocoa Butter with just a hint of Raspberry fragrance oil to make it smell like the yummiest of holiday treats! It's a thick, lush cream - perfect for getting your skin ready for winter! And because the cocoa butter is un-processed, it possesses just a hint of the all-natural chocolate smell of the cocoa beans making a great moisturizer (or gift!) even for those with sensitive skin! Help us celebrate ELGIN's 20th anniversary by buying one for all of your favorite people! (Limited time only)

* High quality Cocoa Butter Cream
*Light chocolatey-raspberry scent
*Great for all-over skin hydration
*4 oz jar
*All-Natural; no artificial fragrance or color
*Natural cocoa butter is GREAT for stretch marks (making it a perfect Halloween gift for new moms!)